289. Restrictions on service as liquidator, administrative receiver, administrator, administrator of a Deed of Company Arrangement or receiver

(1) No person may be appointed as or serve as a receiver, an administrative receiver, an administrator, a liquidator or provisional liquidator of a Company or an administrator of a Deed of Company Arrangement under these Regulations or any other Abu Dhabi Global Market legislation unless he is licensed as an insolvency practitioner under the Commercial Licensing Regulations 2015.
(2) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), no insolvency practitioner may be appointed by the Court as —
(a) liquidator under Section 207 (Notice of winding-up order); or
(b) provisional liquidator under Section 210 (Appointment of provisional liquidator or of liquidator following administration),
unless he is further registered with the Court and the Registrar as an official liquidator under this Part 9 (Insolvency Practitioners).
(3) The registration of an insolvency practitioner as an official liquidator constitutes an acknowledgement of that insolvency practitioner that he will accept any appointment made by the Court as a liquidator or provisional liquidator to a Company in accordance with the provisions of any rules of procedure as may be made by the Court.