When a quantified financial benefits statement is included in any document or announcement published during an offer period (or in an announcement which commences an offer period), the document or announcement must include:

(a) the bases of belief supporting the statement (identifying the principal assumptions and sources of information);
(b) an analysis, explanation and quantification of the constituent elements sufficient to enable the context and relative importance of those elements to be understood;
(c) a base figure where any comparison is made with historical financial performance or with existing cost bases and structures;
(d) details of any disbenefits expected to arise;
(e) in the case of a statement falling under paragraph (a) of the definition of a "quantified financial benefits statement", a statement that the expected financial benefits will accrue as a direct result of the success of the offer and could not be achieved independently of the offer;
(f) an indication of when the financial benefits are expected to be realised;
(g) an indication of whether the expected financial benefits will be recurring, clearly identifying any non recurring benefit(s); and
(h) the recurring and non recurring costs of realising the expected financial benefits.