26. Rule-making instruments

(1) Any power conferred on the Board to make rules pursuant to these Regulations is exercisable in writing.
(2) An instrument by which rules are made by the Board ("a rule-making instrument") must specify the provision of these Regulations under which the rules are made.
(3) To the extent that a rule-making instrument does not comply with subsection (2), it is void.
(4) A rule-making instrument must be published by the Board in the way appearing to it to be best calculated to bring it to the attention of the public.
(5) The Board may charge a reasonable fee for providing a person with a copy of a rule-making instrument.
(6) A person is not to be taken to have contravened any rule made by the Board if the person shows that at the time of the alleged contravention the rule-making instrument concerned had not been made available in accordance with this section.