26. Exceptions to section 25

Neither a registered owner of an interest in real property nor any person relying upon a certificate issued by the Registrar showing the registered owner of real property obtains the benefit of section 25 in relation to the following interests or rights affecting the lot —

(a) any easement or public right of way in existence when the real property became governed by these Regulations as and to the extent that the existence of same could be determined by an accurate survey or physical inspection;
(b) any right in favour of any Relevant Authority to the extent binding on the registered owner;
(c) any easement implied under sections 68 and 69;
(d) any statutory charge under section 64;
(e) any matter registered by the Registrar under section 9;
(f) an equitable obligation binding the registered owner as a result of the registered owner's conduct; or
(g) the interest of another registered owner, if two or more persons are registered as owners of the same interest (in which case the earliest-registered interest prevails).