258. The Registrar’s Procedures

(1) The Registrar must determine the procedure that it proposes to follow in relation to a decision which gives rise to an obligation for it to give a warning notice or decision notice.
(2) That procedure must be designed to secure, among other things, that a decision falling within subsection (1) is taken−
(a) by a person not directly involved in establishing the evidence on which the decision is based, or
(b) by 2 or more persons who include a person not directly involved in establishing that evidence.
(3) The Registrar must issue a statement of its procedure.
(4) The statement must be published in the way appearing to the Registrar to be best calculated to bring the statement to the attention of the public.
(5) The Registrar may charge a reasonable fee for providing a person with a copy of the statement.
(6) The Registrar must, without delay, give the Board a copy of the statement.
(7) When the Registrar gives a warning notice or decision notice, the Registrar must follow its stated procedure.
(8) If the Registrar changes its procedure in a material way, it must publish a revised statement.
(9) The Registrar’s failure in a particular case to follow its procedure as set out in the latest published statement does not affect the validity of a notice given in that case.
(10) But subsection (9) does not prevent the Court from taking into account any such failure in considering a matter referred to it.