25. Quality of registered interests

(1) A registered owner holds the registered interest subject to all prior interests registered in the folio for the relevant lot but free from all other interests.
(2) In particular, neither the registered owner nor any person relying upon a certificate issued by the Registrar showing the registered owner of real property —
(a) is affected by actual or constructive notice of any unregistered interest affecting the lot;
(b) is affected by any interest that, but for these Regulations, might be held to be paramount or to have priority;
(c) is affected by any error or informality in any application or proceedings; or
(d) is liable to proceedings for possession unless the proceedings are brought by a person claiming a registered interest in the lot.
(3) However, subsections (1) and (2) do not apply —
(a) to an interest or matter mentioned in section 26;or
(b) if the Registrar has reasonable suspicion that either the motivation or intent of either the transferor or the transferee in engaging in the underlying transaction was to participate in or further any money laundering or terrorism financing scheme.