249. Statements Of Policy

(1) The Registrar must prepare and issue a statement of its policy with respect to−
(a) the making of disqualification orders under this Part; and
(b) the acceptance of disqualification undertakings under this Part.
(2) The Registrar may at any time alter or replace a statement issued by it under this section.
(3) If a statement issued under this section is altered or replaced by the Registrar, the Registrar must issue the altered or replacement statement.
(4) The Registrar must, without delay, give the Board a copy of any statement which it publishes under this section.
(5) A statement issued under this section by the Registrar must be published by the Registrar in the way appearing to the Registrar to be best calculated to bring it to the attention of the public.
(6) In exercising, or deciding whether to exercise its power under this Part, the Registrar must have regard to any statement published by it under this section and in force at the time when the conduct giving rise to the exercise of its power under this Part occurred.
(7) The Registrar may charge a reasonable fee for providing a person with a copy of the statement.