247. Warning notices

(1) A warning notice must, to the extent applicable —
(a) state the action which the Regulator proposes to take;
(b) be in writing;
(c) give reasons for the proposed action;
(d) state whether —
(i) section 255 applies; and
(ii) if that section applies, describe its effect and state whether any Secondary Material exists to which the person concerned must be allowed access under it;
(e) provide a reasonable period within which the person to whom the warning notice is given can make representations to the Regulator;
(f) provide for the possibility of an extension of the period outlined in paragraph (e);
(g) state the amount of any monetary payment to be made;
(h) state the period for which any suspension, limitation or restriction is to have effect; and
(i) state the terms of any statement to be published.
(2) Once the Regulator has provided a warning notice in accordance with subsection (1), the Regulator must then decide, within a reasonable period, whether to give the person concerned a decision notice.