The Target board circular must contain:

(a) a summary of the principal contents of each material contract (not being a contract entered into in the ordinary course of business) entered into by the Target or any of its subsidiaries during the period beginning two years before the commencement of the offer period, including particulars of dates, parties, terms and conditions and any consideration passing to or from the Target or any of its subsidiaries;
(b) details of any irrevocable commitment or letter of intent which the Target or any person acting in concert with it has procured in relation to relevant securities of the Target (or, if appropriate, the Bidder);
(c) a list of the documents which the Target has published on a website in accordance with Paragraphs 25.2 and 25.3 and the address of the website on which the documents are published; and
(d) any profit forecast or quantified financial benefits statement and any related reports or confirmations required by Paragraph 27.