(a) In addition to the requirements under Paragraphs 23.3(a)(iii) and (iv) (and, insofar as they refer to Paragraphs 23.3(a)(iii) and (iv), Paragraphs 24.3(b) and (e)) for certain information to be incorporated into an offer document by reference to a website, information that is required to be included in a document under other Paragraphs may be incorporated by reference to another source with the Panel's consent.
(b) Information that is incorporated into a document by reference to another source must be published on a website by no later than the date on which the document is published. The information published on a website must be published:
(i) in a form that may be printed, read and retained by the person to whom the document must be sent; and
(ii) in a "read only" format so that it may not be amended or altered in any way.
(c) If a person is sent a document which incorporates information by reference to another source, that person may request a copy of the information so incorporated in hard copy form. If such a request is made, the party which published the document must ensure that a copy of the requested information is sent to the relevant person in hard copy form as soon as possible and in any event within two business days of the request being received by the relevant party.
(d) Any document which incorporates information by reference to another source (and any related website notification) must contain a statement that a shareholder, person with information rights or other person to whom it is sent may request a copy of any such information in hard copy form. Attention should be drawn to the fact that a hard copy of the information will not be sent to that person unless requested and details must be provided of how a hard copy may be obtained (including an address in the Abu Dhabi Global Market and a telephone number to which requests may be submitted).