231. Arbitration Claims

(1) In this Rule "arbitration claim" means —
(a) any application to the Court under the Arbitration Regulations;
(b) a claim to determine whether there is a valid arbitration agreement, whether an arbitration tribunal is properly constituted or what matters have been submitted to arbitration in accordance with an arbitration agreement;
(c) a claim to declare that an award by an arbitral tribunal is not binding on a party; and
(d) any other application affecting arbitration proceedings (whether started or not) or an arbitration agreement.
(2) Except for a claim made under Section 232, an arbitration claim must be started by the issue of an arbitration claim form in accordance with the Rule 30 procedure, which must include such matters and statements as are set out in the relevant practice direction.
(3) Unless the Court orders otherwise, an arbitration claim form must be served on the defendant within 1 month from the date of issue.
(4) The directions as to case management set out in the relevant practice direction apply, unless the Court orders otherwise.
(5) All arbitration claims are to be heard in closed court unless the Court orders otherwise under section 30(4) of the Regulations.
Amended on July 9, 2020