23. Form and contents of notice of re-entry

Notice of the enforcement agent's intention to re-enter premises must be in writing, be signed by the enforcement agent and contain the following information —

(a) the name and address, including, where appropriate, the trading or business name and the trading or, if registered in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, the registered office address of the debtor;
(b) the reference number or numbers;
(c) the date of the notice;
(d) sufficient details of the controlled goods agreement, the repayment terms of which the debtor has failed to comply with, to enable the debtor to identify the agreement correctly;
(e) how the debtor has failed to comply with the repayment terms of the controlled goods agreement;
(f) the amount of the sum outstanding as at the date of the notice;
(g) how and between which hours and on which days payment of the sum outstanding may be made;
(h) a contact telephone number and address (including e-mail address) at which, and the days on which and the hours between which, the enforcement agent or the enforcement agent's office may be contacted;
(i) the date and time by which the sum outstanding must be paid to prevent the controlled goods being inspected or removed for storage or sale; and
(j) that the enforcement agent may if necessary use reasonable force to re-enter the premises to inspect the goods or remove them for storage or sale.