229. Permitted Use Or Disclosure By The Registrar

(1) The Registrar may use protected information for communicating with the director in question.
(2) The Registrar may disclose information–
(a) to a public authority specified for the purposes of this section by rules made by the Board, or
(b) to a credit reference agency.
(3) The Registrar may make rules–
(a) specifying conditions for the disclosure of protected information in accordance with this section, and
(b) providing for the charging of fees.
(4) The Board may make rules requiring the Registrar, on application, to refrain from disclosing protected information relating to a director to a credit reference agency.
(5) Rules under subsection (4) may make provision as to–
(a) who may make an application,
(b) the grounds on which an application may be made,
(c) the information to be included in and documents to accompany an application, and
(d) how an application is to be determined.
(6) Provision under subsection (5)(d) may in particular–
(a) confer a discretion on the Registrar,
(b) provide for a question to be referred to a person other than the Registrar for the purposes of determining the application.
(7) In this section–
“credit reference agency” means a person carrying on a business comprising the furnishing of information relevant to the financial standing of individuals, being information collected by the agency for that purpose, and
“public authority” includes any person or body having functions of a public nature.