228. Rules

(1) The Board may make ADGM enactments containing such terms and conditions as the Board may in its discretion specify, delegating to the Chief Justice any power that the Board has under any Part of, or Schedule to, these Regulations to make or issue any rules.
(2) Any power or powers delegated by the Board under subsection (1) shall be exercised by the Chief Justice by means of rules made by the Chief Justice.
(3) Any rules made by the Chief Justice under subsection (2) shall have the same force and effect as if it were, and shall otherwise be treated under these Regulations as being, made by the Board.
(4) Rules made under these Regulations may —
(a) make different provision for different cases or circumstances;
(b) include supplementary, incidental and consequential provisions;
(c) make transitional provisions and savings; and
(d) revoke or amend any other rules, provided that, unless the Board specifies otherwise in accordance with subsection (1), only the Board may revoke or amend by rules any previous or other rules made by the Board.