228. Protected Information: Restriction On Use Or Disclosure By Registrar

(1) The Registrar must omit protected information from the material on the register that is available for inspection where–
(a) it is contained in a document delivered to him in which such information is required to be stated, and
(b) in the case of a document having more than one part, it is contained in a part of the document in which such information is required to be stated.
(2) The Registrar is not obliged–
(a) to check other documents or (as the case may be) other parts of the document to ensure the absence of protected information, or
(b) to omit from the material that is available for public inspection anything registered before this Chapter comes into force.
(3) The Registrar must not use or disclose protected information except–
(a) as permitted by section 229 (permitted use or disclosure by Registrar), or
(b) in accordance with section 230 (disclosure under Court order).