22. Power to make rules

(1) The Board may make such rules applying to licensed persons —
(a) with respect to the carrying on by them of controlled activities; or
(b) with respect to the carrying on by them of activities which are not controlled activities,
as appear to the Board to be in the interests of the Abu Dhabi Global Market.
(2) Rules made by the Board —
(a) may make different provision for different cases and may, in particular, make different provision in respect of different descriptions of licensed persons or controlled activities;
(b) may make provision in relation to matters such as conduct of business, consumer protection, professional standards, fitness and propriety of officers, employees or agents of the licensed person, systems and controls, maintenance of adequate financial resources, provision of information to the Registrar (including financial statements), and provision of other assistance to the Registrar to enable the Registrar to discharge its functions; and
(c) may contain such incidental, supplemental, consequential and transitional provision as the Board considers appropriate.