211. Protected Items

(1) A person may not be required by or under these Regulations to produce, disclose or permit the inspection of Protected Items.
(2) "Protected Items" means —
(a) communications between a professional legal adviser and his client or any person representing his client which fall within subsection (3);
(b) communications between a professional legal adviser, his client or any person representing his client and any other person which fall within subsection (3) (as a result of paragraph (b) of that subsection);
(c) items which —
(i) are enclosed with, or referred to in, such communications;
(ii) fall within subsection (3); and
(iii) are in the possession of a person entitled to possession of them;
(d) in the case of any information held by the Regulator, information which —
(i) is supplied by or relating to bodies dealing with security matters;
(ii) is held by public authorities in the exercise of their functions;
(iii) relates to national security or international relations;
(iv) relates to the economic and financial interests of the Abu Dhabi Global Market or to its financial stability; and
(v) constitutes trade secrets.
(3) A communication or item falls within this subsection if it is made —
(a) in connection with the giving of legal advice to the client; or
(b) in connection with, or in contemplation of, legal proceedings and for the purposes of those proceedings.
(4) A communication or item is not a Protected Item if it is held with the intention of furthering a criminal purpose.