21. Restrictions on repeated entry (with or without warrant) to premises

(1) This rule applies where the enforcement agent, having entered relevant or specified premises under paragraph 12 or 13 of Schedule 1 respectively, has determined that there are no or insufficient goods of the debtor on the premises of which control may be taken that will pay the sum outstanding.
(2) The enforcement agent may enter the premises on a second or subsequent occasion only —
(a) if the enforcement agent has reason to believe that, since the occasion of the enforcement agent's last entry, there have been brought on to the premises further goods of the debtor of which control has not yet been, but may be, taken; or
(b) where the enforcement agent was prohibited from taking control of particular goods at the time of the original entry by virtue of rule 7(2) (control not to be taken of goods if those goods are in use and the enforcement agent considers that a breach of the peace would be likely if an attempt were made to take control of them).
(3) Paragraph (2)(b) does not authorise the enforcement agent to enter to take control of any goods other than those to which that paragraph applies, except to the extent that paragraph (2)(a) also applies.