209. Consequences of winding-up order

(1) When a winding-up order has been made or a provisional liquidator has been appointed, no action or proceeding shall be proceeded with or commenced against the Company or its property, except by leave of the Court and subject to such terms as the Court may impose.
(2) After the presentation of a winding-up petition —
(a) no person may attach, sequester or otherwise appropriate the assets of the Company, and any such activity is, unless the Court otherwise orders, void; and
(b) any disposition of the Company's property, and any transfer of shares, or alteration in the status of the Company's members is, unless the Court otherwise orders, void,
except that this subsection (2) shall only take effect if a winding-up order is made in respect of the Company on the winding-up petition and subsection (2)(b) has no effect in respect of anything done by an administrator of a Company while a winding-up petition is suspended under Section 42(1)(b) (Dismissal of pending winding-up petition).