2. Obligations of the Data Exporter

The Data Exporter warrants and undertakes that —

(a) the Personal Data have been collected, Processed and transferred in accordance with the Regulations;
(b) it has used reasonable efforts to determine that the Data Importer is able to satisfy its legal obligations under these Clauses;
(c) it will provide the Data Importer, when so requested, with copies of the Regulations or references to them (where relevant, and not including legal advice);
(d) if the transfer involves Sensitive Personal Data the Data Exporter is in compliance with section 3 of the Regulations in respect of the transfer to the Data Importer; and
(e) it will respond to enquiries from Data Subjects and the Registrar concerning Processing of the Personal Data by the Data Importer, unless the Parties have agreed that the Data Importer will so respond, in which case the Data Exporter will still respond to the extent reasonably possible and with the information reasonably available to it if the Data Importer is unwilling or unable to respond. Such responses will be made within a reasonable time.