2. Making a complaint about judicial misconduct

(1) A complaint must be made to the Abu Dhabi Global Market Judicial Conduct Investigations Bureau (the "Bureau").
(2) A complaint must contain an allegation of misconduct.
(3) A complaint must be made in a complaint document unless the Bureau agrees to accept a complaint in another form.
(4) A "complaint document" is a document in writing which —
(a) is in English and is legible;
(b) contains an allegation of misconduct on the part of a named or identifiable judicial office holder;
(c) states the date, or dates, when the alleged misconduct took place;
(d) sets out the facts and circumstances that are alleged to constitute the misconduct; and
(e) states the name and address of the person who is making the complaint.
(5) A complaint document is to be accompanied by the originals or copies of all the documents within the control of the complainant to which he intends to refer.
(6) The Bureau must not accept a complaint in any case where the complainant states that they do not want the judicial office holder concerned to see a copy of the complaint document or of any document accompanying it.