196. The record of Authorised Persons etc.

(1) The Regulator must publish and maintain a record of every —
(a) Security admitted to the Official List;
(b) Authorised Person;
(c) Public Fund;
(d) Approved Prospectus;
(e) Recognised Investment Exchange or Recognised Clearing House;
(f) Remote Investment Exchange or Remote Clearing House;
(g) individual to whom a Prohibition Order relates;
(h) Trade Repository;
(i) Remote Member;
(j) Approved Person;
(k) Passported Fund; and
(l) any person falling within such other class (if any) as the Regulator may determine.
(2) The record must include such information as the Regulator considers appropriate.
(3) The Regulator shall make a reasonably current version of the records available for viewing by the public during the normal business hours of the Regulator.
Amended on (11 March, 2019).