191. Final meeting prior to dissolution

(1) As soon as the Company's affairs are fully wound up, the liquidator shall make up an account of the winding-up, showing how it has been conducted and the Company's property has been disposed of, and thereupon shall call a general meeting of the Company and a meeting of the creditors (to be held on the same day) for the purpose of laying the account before the meetings and giving an explanation of it.
(2) Notice of each meeting shall be published in the Abu Dhabi Global Market in such manner as the liquidator thinks appropriate, specifying the time, place and object of the meeting and published at least one month before it.
(3) Within seven (7) days of the meetings the liquidator shall send to the Registrar a copy of the account and a return of the meetings.
(4) If the copy is not sent or the return is not made in accordance with subsection (3), the liquidator commits a contravention and is liable to a fine at the relevant level set out in the Fines Schedule.