184. Fees

(1) The Chief Justice may by rules prescribe fees payable in respect of anything dealt with by the Courts.
(2) Rules made under this section may, in particular, contain provision about —
(a) scales or rates of fees;
(b) exemptions from fees;
(c) deferral of payment of fees;
(d) full or part remission of fees.
(3) When including any provision in rules made under this section, the Chief Justice must have regard to the principle that access to the Courts must not be denied.
(4) Court fees are recoverable summarily as a civil debt.
(5) The Chief Justice must take such steps as are reasonably practicable to bring information about Court fees to the attention of persons likely to have to pay them.
(6) "Court fees" means fees prescribed in rules made under this section.
Amended on April 19, 2017