174. Court procedure rules

(1) Court procedure rules made under this Chapter may prescribe matters, including —
(a) the procedure for applying for registration of a judgment;
(b) prescribing the matters to be proved on an application for the registration of a judgment and for regulating the means of proving those matters;
(c) the giving of security for costs by persons applying for the registration of judgments;
(d) providing for the service on the judgment debtor of notice of the registration of a judgment;
(e) the fixing, or extending, of the period within which an application may be made to have the registration of the judgment set aside;
(f) prescribing the method by which any question arising under this Chapter as to whether a judgment can be enforced in the country of the original court, or what interest is payable under a judgment under the law of the original court, is to be determined;
(g) prescribing any matter which under this Chapter is to be prescribed.
(2) Court procedure rules made for the purposes of this Chapter shall be expressed to have, and shall have, effect subject to any provisions contained in orders made under this Chapter as are declared by such orders to be necessary for giving effect to agreements made between the Board and foreign countries in relation to matters with respect to which there is power to make court procedure rules for the purposes of this Chapter.