161. Action by the Court of First Instance

(1) This section applies if the creditor in relation to a judgment debt makes an application for information under section 160.
(2) The Court of First Instance may make an information order in relation to the debtor.
(3) The Court may exercise its powers under subsection (2) only if it is satisfied that to do so will help it to deal with the creditor's application.
(4) Before exercising its powers under subsection (2), the Court must give notice to the debtor that the Court intends to make an order.
(5) The Court may disclose such information (including information identifying the debtor) as it considers necessary to assist the recipients of an order to comply with such order.
(6) A disclosure under subsection (5) is not to be taken to breach any restriction on the disclosure of information (however imposed).
(7) Nothing in this section is to be taken to affect any power that exists apart from this section to order the disclosure of information.