16. Appeals

(1) An applicant who has received notice under Rule 7(5), 8(5), 9(5), 11(6), 12(5) or 13(5) that his application has been unsuccessful may appeal to the Registrar on the grounds that the decision:
(a) is unlawful;
(b) is irrational or unreasonable;
(c) has been made on the basis of a procedural impropriety or otherwise contravenes the rules of natural justice.
(2) No appeal under this Rule may be brought unless the leave of the Registrar has been obtained.
(3) An applicant must bring an appeal within 21 days of the date of the notice or, with the Registrar's permission, after the end of such period, but only if the Registrar is satisfied:
(a) where permission is sought before the end of that period, that there is good reason for the applicant being unable to bring the appeal in time; or
(b) where permission is sought after that time, that there was a good reason for the applicant's failure to bring the appeal in time and for any delay in applying for permission.
(4) The Registrar determining an appeal may:
(a) dismiss the appeal; or
(b) quash the decision.