157. Consolidated attachment orders

(1) The powers of the Court of First Instance under sections 141 and 144 shall include the power to make an attachment of earnings order to secure the payment of any number of judgment debts.
(2) An attachment of earnings order made by virtue of this section shall be known as a consolidated attachment order.
(3) The power to make a consolidated attachment order shall be exercised subject to and in accordance with court procedure rules; and court procedure rules made for the purposes of this section may provide —
(a) for cases in which any power exercisable under this section or the court procedure rules may be exercised by the Court of First Instance of its own motion or on the application of a prescribed person; and
(b) for requiring the officer of the Court who receives payments made to him in compliance with an attachment of earnings order, instead of complying with section 152, to deal with them as directed by the Court or the court procedure rules.
(4) Section 145(2) applies to a consolidated attachment order which the Court of First Instance makes to secure the payment of two or more judgment debts even if, immediately before the order is made, one or more of those debts is secured by a Schedule 2 deductions order.