156. Duty to give assistance for purposes of Default Proceedings

(1) It is the duty of —
(a) any person who has or had control of any assets of a Defaulter; and
(b) any person who has or had control of any Documents of or relating to a Defaulter;
to give a Recognised Body such assistance as it may reasonably require for the purposes of its Default Proceedings.

This applies notwithstanding any duty of that person under the Insolvency Regulations 2015.
(2) A person shall not under this section be required to provide any information or produce any Document which is deemed to be a Privileged Communication (as defined in the Insolvency Regulations 2015).
(3) Where original Documents are supplied in pursuance of this section, the Recognised Body shall return them forthwith after the completion of the relevant Default Proceedings, and shall in the meantime allow reasonable access to them to the person by whom they were supplied and to any person who would be entitled to have access to them if they were still in the control of the person by whom they were supplied.
(4) The expenses of a Relevant Office-Holder in giving assistance under this section are recoverable as part of the expenses incurred by him in the discharge of his duties and he shall not be required under this section to take any action which involves expenses which cannot be so recovered, unless the Recognised Body undertakes to meet them. There shall be treated as expenses its reasonable sums as it may determine in respect of time spent in giving the assistance and for the purpose of determining the priority in which its expenses are payable out of the assets, sums in respect of time spent shall be treated as his remuneration and other sums shall be treated as his disbursements.