155. Defined terms

In these Regulations, unless the context indicates otherwise —

"Abu Dhabi Global Market Area" means the land situated on Al Maryah Island, and further bounded as described in the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution (4) of 2013, as the same may be further adjusted or modified in accordance with applicable law;
"approved form" means a form approved by the Registrar to permit an instrument to be registered on the Register, but, which for the avoidance of doubt, does not limit the terms which the parties to such instrument may determine to be included therein;
"caveatee" means the registered owner of a registered interest in real property described in a caveat;
"caveator" means the person by whom or on whose behalf a caveat is lodged;
"Convey", together with the correlative terms "Conveyance", "Conveying" and "Conveyed" means the creation, transfer, mortgage or assignment of an interest in real property as further described in Part 1, Chapter 2 of these Regulations;
"correct" used as a verb, includes correct by addition, omission or substitution;
"deposit" means file with the Registrar other than for registration;
"development" means a real property development pursuant to a plan filed and accepted in accordance with the Strata Title Regulations 2015;
"document" means paper or other material (including electronic material) containing writing, words, figures, drawings or symbols;
"electronic" means of or relating to technology having electrical, digital, magnetic, wireless, optical, electromagnetic or similar capabilities;
"error" includes an error by omission;
"estate" has, with respect to real property, the same meaning and import as a reference to an "interest" in real property;
"folio" means a folio of the Register created under these Regulations;
"freehold" means an estate in real property, of indeterminate duration;
"instrument" includes (i) a document that relates to or may be used to deal with a lot; (ii) a map, survey or diagram; (iii) an order of the Court; or (iv) another document the Registrar has determined to accept for registration pursuant to section 119(2);
"interest" in relation to real property, means any interest in the real property, and any permanent structure or improvement (known in English law as a "fixture") on the real property;
"lodge" means file with the Registrar for registration;
"lot" means a separate, distinct parcel of real property within the Abu Dhabi Global Market Area;
"plan" means a strata plan or a development plan for a staged development scheme, each approved as required by the Strata Title Regulations 2015;
"power of sale" means all remedial powers of a mortgagee pursuant to section 56(1)(a) – (c);
"primary application" means an application made under sections 29 and 30;
"real property" means (i)land, buildings, and items located or placed in, on or under the soil with the intention that they should remain in position permanently or indefinitely, and (ii) any interest therein;
"register" in relation to a lot, interest, instrument or other thing, means record the particulars of the thing in the Register;
"Register" means the Register established pursuant to these Regulations;
"registered owner" means, in relation to a lot, a person recorded in the Register as owner of an interest in the lot, whether that interest is freehold or other than freehold;
"registered real property" means real property for which a folio has been created;
"Relevant Authority" means the authority within Abu Dhabi (including the Abu Dhabi Global Market) charged with the duty of implementing the policies of Abu Dhabi whose subject matter falls within its authority. Relevant Authority includes, without limitation, the Registrar and any other authorities established under the ADGM Founding Law, and also the Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs and any other governmental or quasi-governmental agencies or instrumentalities to which the Abu Dhabi Global Market may from time to time delegate rulemaking, adjudicatory or approval authority within the Abu Dhabi Global Market;
"renew" in relation to a lease, includes extend;
"Service Infrastructure" has the meaning set forth in section 69(2);
"Strata Development Documents" shall have the meaning set forth in the Strata Title Regulations 2015.
"Strata Lot" shall have the meaning set forth in the Strata Title Regulations 2015.
"statutory charge" means a charge on real property established by or under applicable law that imposes a restriction on the use of or dealing with the real property;
"UAE" means the United Arab Emirates; and
"writ of execution" means a writ or warrant of execution after judgment in a court.