149. Variation, lapse and discharge of attachment of earnings orders

(1) The Court of First Instance may make an order discharging or varying an attachment of earnings order.
(2) Subsection (1) is subject to Schedule 3 (which deals with the variation of certain attachment of earnings orders by changing the basis of deductions).
(3) Where an order is varied, the employer shall, if he has been served with notice of the variation, comply with the order as varied; but he shall be under no liability for non-compliance before seven days have elapsed since the service.
(4) Court procedure rules may provide as to the circumstances in which an attachment of earnings order made under these Regulations may be varied or discharged by the Court of its own motion.
(5) Where an attachment of earnings order has been made and the person to whom it is directed ceases to have the debtor in his employment, the order shall lapse (except as regards deduction from earnings paid after the cesser and payment to the collecting officer of amounts deducted at any time) and be of no effect unless and until the Court of First Instance again directs it to a person (whether the same as before or another) who appears to the Court to have the debtor in his employment.
(6) The lapse of an order under subsection (5) shall not prevent its being treated as remaining in force for other purposes.