147. Compliance with an attachment of earnings order by an employer

(1) Where an attachment of earnings order has been made, the employer shall, if he has been served with the order, comply with it; but he shall be under no liability for non-compliance before seven days have elapsed since the service.
(2) Where a person is served with an attachment of earnings order directed to him and the debtor is not, or subsequently ceases to be, in his employment, he shall (in either case) within ten days from the date of service or, as the case may be, the cesser, give notice of that fact to the Court of First Instance.
(3) Part 2 of Schedule 2 shall have effect with respect to the priority to be accorded as between two or more attachment of earnings order directed to a person in respect of the same debtor.
(4) On any occasion when the employer makes, in compliance with the order, a deduction from the debtor's earnings —
(a) he shall be entitled to deduct, in addition, an amount not exceeding 5% of the monthly deduction towards his clerical and administrative costs; and
(b) he shall give to the debtor a statement in writing of the total amount of the deduction.