14. The chairman at meetings

(1) The chairman at a meeting of the creditors' committee must be the Office-holder or an Appointed Person.
(2) If within 30 minutes from the time fixed for commencement of the meeting there is no person present to act as chairman, the meeting stands adjourned to the same time and place in the following week or, if that is not a business day, to the business day immediately following.
(3) Subject to anything to the contrary in these Regulations the meeting must be summoned and conducted in the case of —
(a) a Company incorporated in the Abu Dhabi Global Market; or
(b) a company incorporated outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market,
in accordance with these Regulations, including any applicable provision in or made under the Companies Regulations 2015.
(4) The chairman of the meeting shall cause minutes of its proceedings to be entered in the minute book of the Company or company (as the case may be).