133. Application to Court to remove administrator from office

(1) Any application under Section 132 (Removal of administrator from office) shall state the grounds on which it is requested that the administrator should be removed from office.
(2) Service of the notice of the application shall be effected on the administrator and, in the case of an administrator of a Company, the person who made the application for the administration order or the person who appointed the administrator, the creditors' committee (if any), the joint administrator (if any), and where there is neither a creditors' committee or joint administrator, on the Company and all the creditors, including any qualifying charge holders and, in the case of an administrator of a Deed of Company Arrangement, the joint administrator (if any), the Company and all the creditors, in each case not less than five (5) business days before the date fixed for the application to be heard. Where the appointment was made under Section 21 (Power to appoint), the notice shall be served on the holder of the qualifying charge by virtue of which the appointment was made.
(3) Where a Court makes an order removing the administrator it shall give a copy of the order to the applicant who as soon as reasonably practicable shall send a copy to the administrator.
(4) The applicant shall also within five (5) business days of the order being made send a copy of the order to all those to whom notice of the application was sent.
(5) A copy of the order shall also be sent to the Registrar within the same time period.