132. The rent recoverable

(1) CRAR is not exercisable except to recover rent that meets each of these conditions —
(a) it has become due and payable before notice of enforcement is given;
(b) it is certain, or capable of being calculated with certainty.
(2) The amount of any rent recoverable by CRAR is reduced by any permitted deduction.
(3) CRAR is exercisable only if the net unpaid rent is at least the minimum amount immediately before each of these —
(a) the time when notice of enforcement is given;
(b) the first time that goods are taken control of after that notice.
(4) The minimum amount is to be calculated in accordance with rules made by the Board.
(5) The net unpaid rent is the amount of rent that meets the conditions of subsection (1), less —
(a) any interest included in that amount under section 131(1); and
(b) any permitted deductions.
(6) Rules made by the Board may provide for subsection (5)(a) not to apply in specified cases.
(7) Permitted deductions, against any rent, are any deduction, recoupment or set-off that the tenant would be entitled to claim (in law or equity) in an action by the landlord for that rent.