13. Verification of Rules

(1) The production of a printed copy of a Rule-Making Instrument purporting to be made by the Regulator —
(a) on which is endorsed a certificate signed by a person duly authorised by the Regulator for that purpose; and
(b) which contains the required statements;
is evidence of the facts stated in the certificate.
(2) The required statements are —
(a) that the Rule-Making Instrument was made by the Regulator;
(b) that the copy is a true copy of the Rule-Making Instrument; and
(c) that on a specified date the Rule-Making Instrument was published.
(3) A certificate purporting to be signed as mentioned in subsection (1)(a) is to be taken to have been properly signed unless the contrary is shown.
(4) A person who wishes in any legal proceedings to rely on a Rule-Making Instrument may require the Regulator to endorse a copy of the Rule-Making Instrument with a certificate of the kind mentioned in subsection (1).