13. Meetings of committee

(1) Subject as follows, meetings of the creditors' committee must be held when and where determined by the Office-holder.
(2) The Office-holder must call a first meeting of the creditors' committee to take place within six weeks of the establishment of the creditors' committee.
(3) After the calling of the first meeting, the Office-holder must call a meeting —
(a) if so requested by a member of the creditors' committee or a member's representative (the meeting then to be held within 21 days of the request being received by the Office-holder); and
(b) for a specified date, if the creditors' committee has previously resolved that a meeting be held on that date.
(4) The Office-holder must give five business days' notice of the venue of a meeting to every member of the creditors' committee (or a member's representative, if designated for that purpose), unless in any case the requirement of the notice has been waived by or on behalf of any member.
(5) Waiver may be signified either at or before the meeting.
(6) Where the Office-holder has determined that a meeting should be conducted and held in the manner referred to in paragraph 19 (Remote attendance at meetings of creditors' committees) of Part 4 (Meetings of committee) of this Schedule, the notice period mentioned in sub-paragraph (4) is seven business days.