12. Restrictions on disclosure

(1) In this Section and in Section 13 "Confidential Information" means information which, regardless of whether or not received by virtue of a requirement to provide it imposed by or under these Regulations —
(a) relates to the business or other affairs of any person, and
(b) was received by the Panel for the purposes of, or in the discharge of, any functions of the Panel under any rules made by or under these Regulations,
unless —
(i) the information has been made available to the public by virtue of being disclosed in any circumstances in which, or for any purposes for which, disclosure is not precluded by this section, or
(ii) it is in the form of a summary or collection of information so framed that it is not possible to ascertain from it information relating to any particular person.
(2) Confidential Information must not be disclosed by —
(a) the Panel, or by any person obtaining the Confidential Information directly or indirectly from the Panel,
(b) any person who is or has been employed by the Panel,
(c) a person who is or has been engaged to provide services to the Panel, or
(d) any expert instructed by the Panel,
without the prior consent of —
(i) the person from whom the Panel obtained the Confidential Information, and
(ii) if different, the person to whom it relates.