12. Disclosure of information by the Registrar

(1) Subject to the provisions of the regulatory legislation, information obtained by the Registrar:
(a) under these Regulations or any other enactment; or
(b) in connection with the carrying out of any of the Registrar’s functions, may only be disclosed in accordance with section 967 of the Companies Regulations which shall apply to Parts 2 and 3 of these Regulations, and such section shall apply irrespective of whether the beneficial owner is a company subject to the Companies Regulations.
(2) Any person may request from the Registrar, on payment to the Registrar of such fee as may be prescribed by the Board, to be provided with a certificate confirming the identity of the beneficial owners of an ADGM Person as identified in the Register, subject to the Registrar receiving prior written consent of the ADGM Person concerned.