11. Waiver and loss of right to object

(1) A party which, knowingly and without a legitimate reason, fails to object to an irregularity before the arbitral tribunal in a timely manner, or if a time limit is provided in any applicable arbitration rules, within such period of time, shall be deemed to have waived its right to object to such irregularity.
(2) An objection to an irregularity under subsection (1) shall include any objection (a) that the tribunal lacks substantive jurisdiction, (b) that the proceedings have been improperly conducted, (c) that there has been a failure to comply with the arbitration agreement or with any provision of this Part, or (d) that there has been any other irregularity affecting the tribunal or the proceedings.
(3) Where the arbitral tribunal rules that it has substantive jurisdiction and a party to arbitral proceedings who could have questioned that ruling by challenging the award (or pursuant to any other process that may be agreed by the parties), does not do so, or does not do so within the time allowed by the arbitration agreement or any provision of this Part, he may not object later to the tribunal's substantive jurisdiction on any ground which was the subject of that ruling.