11. Register of Beneficial Owners of Legal Persons and security of information

(1) The Registrar shall establish the Register which shall be kept in such form as the Registrar thinks fit and may, without limitation, be kept in electronic form.
(2) Information shall be submitted to the Registrar by all ADGM Persons pursuant to sections 4, 5 and 13 of these Regulations, for inclusion in the Register.
(3) The Registrar shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the confidentiality and security of the Register and of information kept on the Register, and of other information disclosed to him under these Regulations or under any other enactment, and (subject to subsection (3) and sections 12 and 13) shall not disclose to any other person the Register or any part of it, or information or documents obtained by him or disclosed to him, other than as permitted in section 12.
(4) The Registrar shall, on application being made to him in such form as he may specify, and having taken all reasonable steps to verify the identity of the applicant, disclose to a person any information on the Register directly relating to that person only.