11. Power to require documents and information

(1) Subject to Section 25, the Panel may by notice in writing require a person —
(a) to produce any documents that are specified or described in the notice, and
(b) to provide, in the form and manner specified in the notice, such information as may be specified or described in the notice.
(2) A requirement under subsection (1) must be complied with —
(a) at a place specified in the notice, and
(b) before the end of such reasonable period as may be so specified.
(3) This section applies only to documents and information reasonably required in connection with the exercise by the Panel of its functions.
(4) The Panel may require —
(a) any document produced to be authenticated, or
(b) any information provided (whether in a document or otherwise) to be verified,
in such manner as it may reasonably require.
(5) The Panel may authorise a person to exercise any of the Panel's powers under this section.
(6) A person exercising a power by virtue of subsection (5) must, if required to do so, produce evidence of his authority to exercise the power.
(7) The production of a document in pursuance of this section does not affect any lien that a person has on the document.
(8) The Panel may take copies of or extracts from a document produced in pursuance of this section.
(9) A reference in this section to the production of a document includes a reference to the production of —
(a) a hard copy of information recorded otherwise than in hard copy form, or
(b) information in a form from which a hard copy can be readily obtained.