11. Employment records

(1) For each Employee, the Employer shall keep records of the following information —
(a) a copy of the Employee's contract of employment;
(b) the Employee's name, date of birth, occupation, telephone number and contact address (both residential and postal);
(c) the date on which the employment began;
(d) the Employee's wages (gross and net, where applicable), and the applicable Pay Period;
(e) the contractual hours which the Employee has agreed to work;
(f) the benefits paid to the Employee by the Employer;
(g) each deduction made from the Employee's wages and the reason for it;
(h) the dates of the national holidays taken by the Employee and the amounts paid by the Employer;
(i) the dates of the vacation leave taken by the Employee, the amounts paid by the Employer and the days and amounts owing;
(j) sick leave and other special leaves of absence; and
(k) the amount of any end-of-service gratuity payment and any other severance payment paid to the Employee on termination of the employment.
(2) Records prescribed in subsection (1)shall be —
(a) in English and English language shall have precedence over any other language used in the records;
(b) kept at the Employer's principal place of business in the Abu Dhabi Global Market; and
(c) retained by the Employer for a minimum of 2 years after the employment terminates.
(3) Records prescribed in subsection (1) may be retained in electronic format.