108. Approval By Company And Members Of Proposal For Continuance Overseas

(1) A proposal by a company to apply in another jurisdiction for continuance there shall be approved by a special resolution of the company and, where there is more than one class of members, by a special resolution of the members of each class passed at a separate meeting of the members of that class.
(2) Notice of each meeting–
(a) shall be accompanied by a copy or summary of the proposed application in the other jurisdiction for continuance there, and
(b) shall state that any member of the company who objects to the application may, within the time limit specified in section 110(2) (objections by members to continuance overseas), apply to the Court for an order under Part 28 on the ground that the proposed continuance would unfairly prejudice his or her interests.
(3) On a resolution to approve a proposed application in another jurisdiction for continuance–
(a) each member of the company shall be entitled to vote,
(b) on a show of hands, every person present in person at the meeting shall have one vote, and
(c) the right to demand a poll and the right to vote on a poll shall be determined in accordance with section 338 (right to demand a poll) and 340 (voting on a poll) respectively,
subject to any provision to the contrary in the articles of the company.