107. Exercise of Court of First Instance jurisdiction otherwise than by Judges of that Court

(1) Provision may be made by court procedure rules as to the cases in which the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance may be exercised by —
(a) such Recorders as the Chief Justice may from time to time nominate to deal with official referees' business; or
(b) special referees.
(2) Without affecting the generality of subsection (1), court procedure rules may in particular authorise any question arising in any cause or matter to be referred to a special referee for inquiry and report.
(3) Court procedure rules shall not authorise the exercise of powers of attachment by a special referee or any officer or other staff of the Court.
(4) Subject to subsection (5), the decision of —
(a) any such person as mentioned in subsection (1); or
(b) any officer or staff of the Court,
may be called into question in such manner as may be prescribed by court procedure rules, whether by appeal to the Court of Appeal, or by an appeal or application to a Judge in Court or a Judge in chambers, or by an adjournment to a Judge in Court or a Judge in chambers.
(5) Court procedure rules may provide either generally or to a limited extent for decisions of persons nominated under subsection (1)(a) being called into question only by appeal on a question of law.
(6) The cases in which the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance may be exercised by persons nominated under subsection (1)(a) shall be known as "official referees' business"; and subject to court procedure rules, the distribution of official referees' business among persons so nominated shall be determined in accordance with directions given by the Chief Justice after consulting the Board.
(7) Any reference to an official referee in any enactment, whenever passed, or in court procedure rules or any other instrument or document, whenever made, shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be construed as, or (where the context requires) as including, a reference to a person nominated under subsection (1)(a).
(8) The Chief Justice may nominate a Judge of the ADGM Courts to exercise his functions under subsections (1)(a) and (6).