1036. Effect Of Appointment Of A Partnership

(1) This section applies where a partnership constituted under the laws of–
(a) the Abu Dhabi Global Market, or
(b) any other country or territory in which a partnership is not a legal person,
is by virtue of this Chapter appointed as auditor of an audited person.
(2) Unless a contrary intention appears, the appointment is an appointment of the partnership as such and not of the partners.
(3) Where the partnership ceases, the appointment is to be treated as extending to–
(a) any appropriate partnership which succeeds to the practice of that partnership, or
(b) any other appropriate person who succeeds to that practice having previously carried it on in partnership.
(4) For the purposes of subsection (3)–
(a) a partnership is to be regarded as succeeding to the practice of another partnership only if the members of the successor partnership are substantially the same as those of the former partnership, and
(b) a partnership or other person is to be regarded as succeeding to the practice of a partnership only if it or he succeeds to the whole or substantially the whole of the business of the former partnership.
(5) Where the partnership ceases and the appointment is not treated under subsection (3) as extending to any partnership or other person, the appointment may with the consent of the audited person be treated as extending to an appropriate partnership, or other appropriate person, who succeeds to–
(a) the business of the former partnership, or
(b) such part of it as is agreed by the audited person is to be treated as comprising the appointment.
(6) For the purposes of this section, a partnership or other person is “appropriate” if it or he–
(a) is eligible for appointment as an auditor by virtue of this Chapter, and
(b) is not prohibited by section 1034(1) from acting as auditor of the audited person.