103. Requirements of caveat

(1) A caveat lodged under section 102(1) shall be in the approved form.
(2) In addition to any other requirements in the approved form, a caveat shall state —
(a) the name of the caveator;
(b) the interest claimed by the caveator;
(c) the grounds on which the interest is claimed;
(d) the real property affected by the caveat and, if the caveat relates to part only of a lot, a description of the part;
(e) the registered interest affected by the caveat;
(f) the extent of the prohibition on dealings;
(g) an address within the UAE where documents can be served on the caveator, including any documents in Court proceedings relating to the caveat; and
(h) unless the Registrar dispenses with it, the name and address of —
(i) the registered freehold owner of the real property affected by the caveat; and
(ii) each person known to the caveator whose interest or whose claim to registration of an instrument may be affected by the caveat.