1017. Meaning Of “Undertaking” And Related Expressions

(1) In these Regulations “undertaking” means–
(a) a body corporate or partnership, or
(b) an unincorporated association carrying on a trade or business, with or without a view to profit.
(2) In these Regulations references to shares–
(a) in relation to an undertaking with capital but no share capital, are to rights to share in the capital of the undertaking, and
(b) in relation to an undertaking without capital, are to interests–
(i) conferring any right to share in the profits or liability to contribute to the losses of the undertaking, or
(ii) giving rise to an obligation to contribute to the debts or expenses of the undertaking in the event of a winding up.
(3) Other expressions appropriate to companies shall be construed, in relation to an undertaking which is not a company, as references to the corresponding persons, officers, documents or organs, as the case may be, appropriate to undertakings of that description.
This is subject to provision in any specific context providing for the translation of such expressions.
(4) References in these Regulations to “fellow subsidiary undertakings” are to undertakings which are subsidiary undertakings of the same parent undertaking but are not parent undertakings or subsidiary undertakings of each other.
(5) In these Regulations “group undertaking”, in relation to an undertaking, means an undertaking which is–
(a) a parent undertaking or subsidiary undertaking of that undertaking, or
(b) a subsidiary undertaking of any parent undertaking of that undertaking.