10. Notice to Company officers and other people

(1) In an administration, notice to attend an initial creditors' meeting must be delivered to every present or former officer of the Company whose presence the administrator thinks is required.
(2) These notices must be delivered at the same time that notice is delivered to creditors in compliance with Section 61(1) (Requirement for initial creditors' meeting).
(3) In a creditors' voluntary winding-up or a winding-up by the Court the convener must deliver a notice at least 14 days before the date fixed for the meeting to such of the persons referred to in Section 255(2)(a) to (e) (Duty to co-operate with Office-holder) as the convener thinks should be told of, or attend, the meeting.
(4) Every person who receives a notice under sub-paragraph (1), and every person who receives a notice under sub-paragraph (3) which states that that person is required to attend the meeting, must attend.