1. Limitations in foreign law

No trust governed by the law of the Abu Dhabi Global Market and no disposition of property to be held in trust that is valid under that law is void, voidable, liable to be set aside or defective in any manner by reference to a foreign law; nor is the capacity of any settlor in relation to the trust or disposition to be questioned nor is the trustee or any beneficiary or any other person to be subjected to any liability or deprived of any right, by reason that:

(a) the laws of any foreign jurisdiction prohibit or do not recognise the concept of a trust; or
(b) the trust or disposition voids or defeats any rights, claims or interest conferred by foreign law upon any person by reason of a personal relationship to the settlor or by way of heirship rights or contravenes any foreign law or any foreign, judicial or administrative order, arbitration award or action intended to recognise, protect, enforce or give effect to any such rights, claims or interest.